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[세이브/트레이너/치트] 문라이터 (Moonlighter) 치트엔진 본문

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[세이브/트레이너/치트] 문라이터 (Moonlighter) 치트엔진

플로리세 2018. 6. 1. 05:46

게임 켜신 후 치트엔진 켜고 

게임 불러드리고  이거 불러오시면 됩니다.

1. 무적
2. 체력은 떨어지지만 체력 1에서 고정
3. 피해 증가 (지정된 값  곱)
4. 소모품 소모될때 1이하로 떨어지지 않음
5. 던전 탈출 펜던트에서 돈을 요구하지 않음
6. 무료 투자  보유하고있는 금화 상관없이 투자 가능
7. 재료없이 상점에서 아이템 만들기
8. P를 눌러 지정된양의 금화를 얻음 (시프트 +P는 회수)
9 스프린트모드  빠른이동? 

god mode
- you won't take damage at all.

- health still drop when damaged but you won't die.
- you stop taking damage when you have 1 health left.

damage multiplier
- damage dealt by you will be multiplied by the specified multiplier.
- x? default: 2.

inf. consumable
- consumable item's quantity won't drop below one when consumed.

free pendant
- as title suggests, you don't need any gold to use the pendant.

free investment
- allows you to upgrade town and shop via the town board regardless of the current gold you have.
- gold still drop until it reaches zero when you upgrade.

free forge/brew/enchant
- allows you to forge equipments, brew potions or enchant equipments regardless of the current gold and the required ingredients' quantity you have.
- gold and the required ingredients' quantity still drop until they reach zero when forge/brew/enchant.

add/remove gold key
- when activate, press P to add the specified amount of gold, hold Shift and press P to remove the specified amount of gold
- default gold amount: 2000.

sprint key
- when activated, hold the mod key to sprint.
- you can choose from SHIFT (default), CTRL, ALT, or CAPS LOCK as the sprint mod key, provided in the dropdown list.

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